Research into the Zika virus to be undertaken by the FDA

It is hoped that advancements can be made in the treatment and prevention of the Zika virus as the Food and Drug Administration is to explore the potential for therapies and vaccines.


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PLoS Pathogens recently published the details of a new model which could provide the platform for the improvement and expedition of research into the Zika virus, its causes and effects.

Greater understanding

The need for a greater understanding of this virus and its long-term effects is urgent, considering its recent spread and the associated increased rates of congenital syndromes and complex neurological disorders, such as Guillain-Barre Syndrome and microcephaly. Previous research suggested that only mice with reduced immune systems were susceptible to the virus, more recent studies however, have indicated that neonatal mice, even those with healthy immune systems, are also at risk.

FDA’s Laboratory of Immunology chief, Daniela Verthelyi, led the new mouse model. She asserts the importance of the study, allowing as it does for researchers to have access to new and additional tools in a bid to gain a greater understanding of the way the virus replicates and spreads within the body, as well as the long-term effects. In addition, the research provides the means for exploring potential therapies and vaccines.

This is alongside multiple projects undertaken as part of the fight against the Zika virus. The agency considers any research of this nature to be the highest priority for public health. Ensuring the right treatments and preventative measures are in place when they are required, is one of the main aims of the FDAs regulatory science research programme, speeding up the availability and development of tools needed to beat the disease. The fdathirdpartyreview looks to enhance the FDA 510k clearance process as part of this initiative.

National response

There are also a number of measures in place across a variety of areas as part of the overall response to the Zika virus. Not least, helping clinicians to identify when the virus is present at an individual level, but also to help to protect the public on a national level, including ensuring the safety of donated blood and other products. Research into the effectiveness and safety of vaccines and other therapies in development is also part of the programme.


Why Do Women Lose Their Hair?

Whist hair loss is often associated with men, it also a health and aesthetic concern of women. Women lose their hair for a variety of reasons. Not only can stress be a factor, but hormones can be a culprit too. However, hair loss occurs in varying degrees and happens to all of us.

Hair Loss Happens to Everyone

In fact, everyone loses some of their hair each day, whether it is during their morning shower or when they are brushing or drying their hair. In these cases, the hair is simply going through its normal phases, and new hairs replace the old ones that were lost.

Telogen Effluvium

However, when hair loss coincides with a medical condition, then an evaluation has to be made. For instance, one form of women’s hair loss is telogen effluvium. This type of hair loss happens after pregnancy or following an extreme loss of weight, excessive stress, or a major operation. The condition is characterised by the shedding of large amounts of hair each day, usually when the hair is shampooed, brushed, or blow-dried.

Telogen effluvium can also come about from the administration of certain medicines, such as beta-blockers, nonsteroidal anti-inflammatory drugs, or antidepressants. The hair shifts quickly from its growing stage into its resting stage, and finally into its telogen or shedding phase.

Telogen effluvium hair loss takes place six weeks to about three months after a stressful occurrence. At the peak of the condition, women may shed large handfuls of hair. Usually, the only thing you can do, in this case, is to bide your time until the hair loss begins to slow. If medicine is the cause of the hair loss, consult with your doctor to see if the dosage can be reduced or if you can switch drugs.

Hereditary Hair Loss

Another type of hair loss is androgenetic alopecia, which is a hereditary condition. This is the most common form of hair loss in men and women. The gene for this type of hair loss is inherited from either the father’s or mother’s side. However, you are more likely to experience hereditary hair loss if both parents experienced the condition.

Women who exhibit this trait show thinning at the hairline, right behind the bangs. The condition develops gradually and typically begins in a woman’s 20s. You may be more susceptible to this type of hair loss if you mother also displayed a pattern of thinning. In some instances, the hair loss may diffuse, or spread across the scalp.

How a Diagnosis Is Made

To diagnose the hair loss, a doctor will assess the pattern of the hair loss to see if it is indeed hereditary. He may also have blood work done to rule out certain causes. A biopsy is frequently performed to see if the follicles on the scalp have been supplanted with follicles that are miniaturised. Miniaturised follicles signify the presence of androgenetic alopecia.

To ameliorate a hair loss condition, enhancer systems can be utilised that cover the hair loss problem. Women’s hair loss treatment in Newcastle enhances the volume and fullness of the hair and totally erases any signs that a hair loss problem exists.


Is Blood Sugar Making You Gain Weight?

Sugar is fuel! Maintaining glucose levels in restraint is vital to steer a healthy life. glucose is regulated by internal secretion, that is secreted from the duct gland into the blood in response to the amount of sugar gift. Sugar is often elevated by food intake. It’s insulin’s job to induce sugar to any or all the cells in your body, apart from eyes, kidneys and nerves. once glucose spikes too high, too often, internal secretion can trust totally on carbohydrates for metabolism whereas at the same time suppressing the employment of fat for energy.

Did you recognize that blood glucose regulation has predominant result on weight? The manner the body metabolizes sugar directly affects whether or not you burn fat or reserve it. notwithstanding what quite diet you have got, stable blood glucose is crucial to push your body into a fat burning mode. Irregular blood glucose spikes as stress inside the body.

Simply put, the strain tells your body to stay keep fat (around your abdomen) for a later date. you’ll take into account yourself apple- formed, that means you’ve got skinny arms and legs with a thick middle, otherwise you could have a case history that has kind II polygenic disease, that is the non-insulin dependent polygenic disease. Though you don’t have these symptoms or history, there are many different probabilities you’ll have an effect from it!

Sugar primarily comes from the food we have a tendency to eat. The body stores a particular quantity of sugar for “rainy day” periods of stress or starvation that these reserves facilitate us survive.

3 Tips to Maintain Blood Sugar Levels

  1. Eat Whole foods, best way to stop the irregular glucose cycle. Remember, ingestion of excessive amount of carbohydrates and starchy foods may result in a very high sugar level.
  2. Sugar ought to be consumed with Fiber. Fruits high in sugar measure typically high in fiber. Nature intended them to be that way so that the people that consume them will get the most health benefits.
  3. Monitor glucose Levels on a daily basis to take care of best glucose levels. the simplest factor concerning is you’ve got superior management over your sugar levels to maintain optimal health.

To know more on maintaining a healthy sugar level, Pay yourself a visit to any reputed Naturopathic Wellness Centers at Los Gatos, CA and regain your energy levels. I have been there and I am so happy to recommend them to you for their impeccable expertise in diabetes treatment. Expert Team of Doctors lead by Dr. Renee Young can help you out, not just to maintain an optimal sugar level but also to find happiness in life! You can either Schedule a Complimentary Consultation direct via their website or can fix an appointment by calling (408) 761-6781

Name: Dr Renee Young
Bio: Dr. Renee Young is a Naturopathic Doctor licensed by the state of California as a primary care doctor. While Dr. Young specializes women’s health, including hormone disorders, menopausal symptoms, and weight loss, she treats patients of all ages with a variety of conditions.

High Fiber Meals at Fast Food Restaurants

It’s well demonstrated that dietary fiber is great for weight loss.  It decreases hunger, increases post meal satiety, and improves weight loss by making you feel full for longer.  A recent publication by Harvard Medical School states that eating 30 grams of fiber a day can help you lose weight, reduce your blood pressure, and improve your body’s response to insulin.

According to Food Menu Guru nutritional information, there are a surprising number of options at both casual dining and fast food restaurant chains in the United States that contain significant amounts of fiber.

For example, a serving of Boneless Wings at Buffalo Wild Wings contains 9 grams of fiber – that’s 30% of the way to 30 grams.  If you add a Caeser salad (8 grams of fiber) and a cup of chicken tortilla soup (7 grams of fiber), you’ll hit 24 grams of fiber in a single meal.

At IHOP, an order of Harvest Grain ‘n Nut Pancakes and some Huevos Rancheros combine for 20 grams of fiber – and that’s just for breakfast!

On the Red Lobster nutrition menu, choices such as the Crispy Shrimp Lettuce Wraps (9 grams of fiber), Lobster Bake (9 grams of fiber), and Crispy Calamari and Vegetables (8 grams of fiber) make it easy to reach a goal of 30 grams in a single meal.

While there are a lot of really complicated diets out there, one of the easiest proven ways to lose weight is to eat more fiber.  Being busy and not having time to cook is no longer an excuse – jump to these chain restaurants and choose a nutritious fiber rich meal if you don’t have the time to cook.

The FDA is warning hospitals about the use of heater-coolers in surgery

A recent warning issued by the FDA has highlighted potential risks involved with the use of heater-cooler devices within surgery settings.


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According to the authority, the most commonly utilised devices for warming or cooling a patient within open-heart surgery may potentially create additional risks to the patient through the transmission of harmful bacteria.

The bacteria risk is thought to increase dangers of infection for vulnerable patients, which may create serious injury or even result in death. The FDA are calling for enhanced recognition of the potential dangers, in order to address and mitigate any potential risks associated with using the devices.

Researchers’ Recommendations

While the water that is used within these heater-cooler devices never comes into direct contact with the patient, the medical community and CRO http://www.gandlscientific.com/contract-research-organization researchers have been investigating the potential for NTM (nontuberculous mycobacteria) organisms to develop within the reservoirs of the devices. The issue is thought to potentially affect all such devices, without being focused upon one or two single manufacturers or brands.

The heater-cooler devices are neither sealed nor airtight, which can allow harmful bacteria to enter the system and be passed through the vents used within the devices. In cardiopulmonary procedures, contaminated water may potentially enter the operating environment, compromising the sterility of the bypass procedures.

Maximising Patient Safety

In normal clinical settings, these organisms pose no threat to patients as they are commonly located within soil and water and are not usually considered to be harmful. However, in bypass scenarios, breathing in these organisms may result in serious pulmonary infection for those individuals with compromised immune systems and health vulnerabilities. As a result, the FDA have issued the following guidelines for healthcare providers who may currently be deploying these devices:

• Be rigorous in following manufacture guidelines for the disinfection and cleaning of the device, and ensure that a regular schedule of maintenance cleaning and disinfecting is adhered to.
• Never use water from a tap source to clean the machines, for refilling, topping off or rinsing the device. Instead, use sterile water or filtered water which does not pose any risk of harbouring potentially harmful organisms.
• Direct the exhaust vent of the device well away from the surgical field, to minimise the risk of bacteria being inhaled during the surgical process.

Dealing with Issues of Levator Ani Syndrome Spasm, Perineum Pain, Anal and Rectal Pain

Pelvic pain is uncomfortable, especially if you are unsure why this is happening. When the pain is severe enough, it can cause you to miss work, school, or important events in your life.

Over the past few decades, pelvic pain has been treated through medication given by physicians. However, these medications often acted as a mask for the pain and did not treat the actual cause of the pain.

Through 8 years of research done at Stanford University’s Department of Urology, the Wise-Anderson Protocol was born. The research was headed by Ph.D. David Wise and MD Rodney U. Anderson, who discovered a new way to treat chronic pelvic pain. This innovative treatment focuses on treating the nervous system connected to the pelvic muscles as well as the local pain that often accompanies chronic pelvic pain.

Pelvicpainhelp.com is a website that outlines the famous Wise-Anderson Protocol. The proven treatment has helped patients who have been diagnosed with pelvic pain. There are many tools for sufferers of pelvic pain to access online including a four-part documentary, articles discussing the 6-day immersion clinic and videos about their treatment plans.

Also available on the website is the book A Headache in the Pelvis: A New Understanding and Treatment for Prostatitis and Chronic Pelvic Pain, which outlines their treatments. The book is now in its sixth edition and has been translated into nine languages. It is available as an E-book and in hard copy, which can be ordered through their site. The site can be used as a guide to help people learn more about the treatments and learn details about their 6-day immersion clinic.

On the site, it states that a common issue in the diagnosis of pelvic pain is the gap between medicine specialties and issues in physician training. Also, there tends to be confusion about diagnoses between different conditions, with multiple names given to similar syndromes. As stated in their book, chronic pelvic pain is not caused by the prostate, bladder or uterine pathology, but rather by the chronic contracted pelvic floor muscles.

Common pelvic pain syndromes include Levator Anti Syndrome Spasm, Anal & Rectal Pain, and Perineum Pain. Symptoms can include anorectal pain, excessively painful bowel movements and difficulty sitting.

Levator Anti Syndrome Spasm

Levator Ani Syndrome Spasm is both a systemic and local disorder. It affects the rectal area, causing pain and discomfort. Symptoms of Levator Ani Syndrome Spasm include pain when sitting, discomfort or relief after a bowel movement, constant or irregular pain, pain upon pressing inside or above the sphincter, among others.

Perineum Pain

One of the most common symptoms of pelvic pain conditions, perineum pain, makes it difficult to sit and sometimes can cause post bowel movement pain. Located between the anus and scrotum in men and between the anus and vagina for women, it is a major muscle of the pelvic floor.

Rectal Pain

Anal and rectal pain can be very uncomfortable and include many symptoms including pain while sitting, urinary frequency, lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, genital pain and rectal pain. The main concern when it comes to pelvic pain is that it affects the nervous system causing tightness in the pelvic muscles, and local pain in the sense that anxiety around the syndrome can cause local pain in the pelvic area.

Thankfully, the Wise-Anderson Protocol has helped patients who have been diagnosed with these uncomfortable syndromes. Through the Wise-Anderson Protocol, there were able to relieve pelvic pain through the use of trigger points. Physicians usually treat pelvic pain through anal pain medication, hormone treatments, antibiotics, and even some types of antidepressants. One-third of patients found when taking part in the Wise-Anderson Protocol 6-day immersion clinic; they were able to stop using medication after six months.

The Wise-Anderson Protocol focuses on helping patients rehabilitate the chronic and spastic muscles of the pelvis while relaxing them. Their 6-day immersion clinic is offered throughout the year and is limited to 14 patients, where they take part in private and group sessions.

The Internal Trigger Point Wand

As part of the 6-day immersion clinic, patients use their FDA approved Internal Trigger Point Wand. “The Wand,” is a trigger point release that was used during clinical trials in the mid-1990s. Studies had shown that when self-administered The Wand helped reduce pain by 30 per cent. This is great news for anyone who has trouble experiencing pelvic pain of any kind.

The Wise-Anderson Protocol is a proven treatment for common pelvic pain. Through this out-of-the-box treatment, their method has been proven to be successful to those suffering from chronic pelvic pain. Through the work of Dr. David Wise and Dr. Rodney U. Anderson, there is a new and effective way to treat chronic pelvic pain.


How to get rid of scars

While maintaining your body, one of the common problems that people face is the scars. Scars are the marks present on the skin from birth or afterwards in an accident or disease. Marks which are already present on your body from your birth are not easy to remove. In fact, there is no way you can remove them completely. Some people think that these are lucky marks, but some think they are the hurdle in the way of becoming beautiful. In both cases, scars are not acceptable. Do you know that because of this, there are so many girls who are not getting married? Their self-esteem got so much targeted that they become antisocial.


On the other hand, one common problem that has been found in the married girls is stretch marks. They fell in love, get married and the romantic days begin till they give birth to their first child and bang. All of the romance is gone. The husband is no more interested in his wife because of all the weight and stretch marks and due to that she becomes moody and fights. This is how marriages fall apart. Well, thanks to science, we now have a solution for these problems.

Due to the advancement in science and technology, removing anything from its core is very easy. If you also have scars and stretch marks on your body, there are following ways you can remove it:

·        Exercises:

If you have a habit of doing exercise every day, consider yourself lucky. It is a very healthy habit and it has so many benefits as well. It can help you tone your body and stay fit and healthy for so long. If you have put on some weight after giving birth, you can reduce it by doing exercises daily.

·        Diet:

The diet also affects body directly. Some fruits and vegetables help in the purification of blood. If you eat those, they will have a good effect on your skin and hairs. Lemon is also famous to detoxify the body. It has the ability to lighten the tone of the skin, this is the reason it has been extensively used on the scars to reduce their effect.

·        Other treatment:

If you are so interested to remove all the marks and scars from your body, there are other kinds of treatment as well which can help you. There are some people who just need instant results, although they are much expensive. Vascular Treatment is one of them. In this treatment, the experts use laser technique to reduce the marks on the skin leaving it smooth and clear. Most of the people like to have this treatment because it is less time consuming. You can have your scars removed in a few visits. If you are also interested, you can take an online appointment in your nearest clinic. There are some people who have sensitive skin and because of that the laser irritates their skin, but that’s ok. You also deserve a clear skin.

In depth Information About Why Nutrition Is important

Have you ever given a thought to why people need to eat? Some of the basic answers that people give are that they need to eat to suppress their hunger, tiredness or to deal with a rumbling stomach. A few of you might even eat just because they are bored, happy, sad, or just because it is dinner time or because that chocolate cookie looks so delicious! These are easily a few of the physical and emotional reasons why we consume food, but have you ever wondered why your body needs food or why nutrition is important?

The Importance of Nutrition

The food that we consume provides us the energy required by our body to function. It is exactly like putting fuel in your car for it to work. Some of the few reasons why nutrition is important are:

It provides our body the raw materials it needs to function properly.

The main form of energy required by our body comes from carbohydrates. Our bodies have the tendency to easily digest carbohydrates such as starch and sugar. Glucose is the favorite form of energy of our body. Just in case your body lacks carbohydrates, it can easily acquire them from fats or proteins, whereas if there is an excess of carbohydrates, the body stores them in the form of fats. These carbohydrates are obviously acquired from proper nutrition, which is the chief advantage of having a nutritious diet.

The next important raw material provided by good nutrition is protein. The food that we eat consists of proteins that are broken down into amino acids by the body. Proper nutrition provides the protein that our body requires so as to replenish those contained by our muscles. Calcium is yet another raw material provided by proper nutrition to our body is calcium. It serves many purposes such as replenishing our teeth and bones.

A nutritious diet additionally provides our body the minerals and vitamins it requires to function properly. They are equally as important as proteins, carbohydrates and fats, but are required only in small amounts. They serve as co-enzymes, which implies that they fasten up the chemical reactions in the body.

What is most interesting reason why nutrition is important is that it does not only provide vitamins, structural components, minerals and energy, it additionally provides other substances that have recently been found out in the last couple of years. These are inclusive of phytochemicals, which are found in the colorful parts of vegetables and fruits. Even though the body does not require them to function properly, they have a significant effect on our overall health. For instance, quercetin, which is present in red applies has an anti-inflammatory effects and acts like an antihistamine. Resveratrol, which is present in the skin and seeds of grapes works as an effective antioxidant. These antioxidants are required by the body to protect it from the hazards of environmental pollution, smoke, poor diet etc.

Proper nutrition protects us from chronic diseases

A major reason why nutrition is important is that it cuts down the risk of a number of diseases such as cancer, osteoporosis, diabetes, stroke and cardiovascular conditions. However, simply having good eating habits is not enough as consuming the right types of food is also very important. Your nutrition count is dropped significantly by the consumption of greasy, fried and junk food considering that they have no nutritional value.

Maintaining a proper diet is extremely important to make sure that our body acquires all the nutrition that it needs. The reasons why nutrition is important are way too many to be explained in a single go, but we must make sure that we pay attention towards it to live a healthy life.

Leadership and Mental Health

The Shaw Trust reported in 2010 that only 2 in 10 employers have a reactive or proactive mental health policy to support staff with mental ill health. What role does leadership have in addressing this challenging issue?

Employee mental well-being should be an integral part of the boardroom agenda, on a par with physical health. Leaders should insist that regular monitoring of progress or issues is reported to the board. The Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development (CIPD) has found that 70% of employee mental health problems are either directly caused by work or by a combination of work and home. In light of this, there simply is no excuse for this not be a mainstream issue for leaders to address. By proactively managing mental well-being in the workplace, leaders are not only dealing with their legal and ethical responsibilities, they are also looking after their bottom line as well. Absenteeism and presenteeism are responsible for losing British organisations billions of pounds, so how can this subject be ignored.

All employers should include safeguarding mental well-being into their standard operations, particularly when employees and/or organisations are embarking on change processes, which can be and are very challenging times for everyone. Training from the leadership down in proactively managing mental well-being, including offering additional support to staff or simply leading by example, is essential. Safety net support such as coaching and occupational health needs to be incorporated into health and well-being policies.

Leaders should be ensuring that management have a huge positive impact on mental health. Good line managers are essential in spotting early signs of distress and initiating early intervention, whereas poor line managers may make the situation worse or even be the cause of mental health problems through their approach, management style of behaviour.

Leaders should be insisting that comprehensive and, more importantly, mandatory mental health training for line managers is introduced and embedded into the culture and development plans for their employees. This training and change in culture will ensure that the organisation develops employee resilience and emotional well-being.

Sadly it is all too easy to pension a person off on medical grounds without seeing people as more than cogs in the machine. Failing to recognise the need for support and the necessity for introducing policies and procedures offering support is costly in the long-term as human beings need support at times in their lives, even leaders.

Construction Sites May be Subject To Pre-Start Health and safety Reviews

On a constructions site, in order to ensure a certain standard is upheld and to prevent hazardous conditions an inspection of construction equipment takes place prior to the start of construction. In some locations pre-start health and safety reviews are becoming more regulated. Compliance has become more and more demanding for new construction.

There is always the chance of injury and possibly loss of life on the location of any construction site. It may be true that most workers accept this as part of the everyday occupational hazard of a construction job. However, site supervisors and construction project managers are required to order and pass an inspection to diligently verify that the equipment used is up to a particular standard of safety.

The required inspection cannot be performed by a random worker simply by dint of experience or hard work. A qualified engineer or engineering company is deemed the level of expertise necessary to be sure that a site and its equipment meet certain conditions.

The inspection is called a review and that is just what it is. Based on the laws and compliancy prerequisites of a given state or local government, equipment that does not meet the conditions of safety must be repaired to fit what is deemed necessary. Under some regulations faulty equipment must be removed from the site or replaced. This can happen all the time on construction sites all over North America.

So far, there is not one standard for all building sites across the spectrum of locations worldwide. Every year more and more jurisdictions are upgrading their standards to ensure possibly better conditions. These higher standards are saving lives on a regular basis.

New construction and change order paperwork will likely be very effected by pre-start health and safety reviews. Failure to follow local guidelines can be costly. Indeed, a construction can be cited with a fine, run the risk of receiving tickets and may be forced to halt the job altogether. Every job site should be in compliance with any notices they are given to get their equipment up to a good level of safety. When work is brought to a stop, so is the workers pay.

Every supervisor and construction project manager should have an inspection done on ever job that they work on. This insures a great level of safety for their workers and themselves physically and can help keep them stable financially as well. And hopefully every job can finish on time!