Change the Way You See The World

Wearing glasses can be seen as a burden by people who need them for vision correction. Lasik surgery has begun to change this fact for many people. Changing the way people see the world is a procedure away. Lasik eye surgery is literally changing vision one surgery at a time.


What is Lasik Surgery?

Lasik surgery is an outpatient procedure which actually changes the way your retina receives light. The cornea is thinned down so that more light can reflect as it should on the retina for clearer vision without the need for glasses or contacts anymore. Vision works directly on how our eyes refract light to the retina.

Why Do We Need Corrective Lenses?

The way light reflects off of the retina through the entrance of the cornea. If the light does not refract properly it is called a refractive error. Glasses correct the errors so that we can see properly. Lasik surgery corrects these errors.

How Does Lasik Surgery Correct These Errors

Lasik surgery is used to thin the cornea of the eye which changes the way light refracts in the retina. This process changes the need for corrective lens with a simple procedure. Simple redirection of how the light refracts on the retina changes a lifetime of wearing bulky corrective lens in just one afternoon.

Are you a Candidate for Lasik Surgery?

You can check with Lasik Doctors St. Louis to understand the criteria for becoming a candidate for this surgery. There are factors which must be considered physically to fit the criteria for Lasik procedures. Lasik surgery can literally change your life from regular glasses to sunglasses in no time. Wearing glasses is a real burden long considered for life until this amazing procedure.

Change Your Looks

If glasses never have been a complimentary look for your appearance you can completely change this feature with Lasik surgery. The cost of new glasses and back up glasses will be a thing of the past. No more worrying with yearly prescriptions and delayed waiting on more attractive pairs of glasses. Dealing with lens and breaking glasses will become a thing of the past. Enjoy the freedom of living without glasses for the rest of your life. Freedom from glasses is becoming a new reality for people of all ages with Lasik eye surgery.

Be Free With Lasik Surgery

Many people of all ages have embraced the new freedom of living wictout glasses for a brand new life without corrective lenses. Just an afternoon and a couple of weeks of complete recovery give people of all ages the freedom from glasses. No more cleaning and worry of scratching your glasses. These chores that come with glasses become a complete worry of the past. Living a free life without reaching for your glasses to see completely normally is an amazing way to live. Wake up every day seeing the world clearly without reaching for your glasses. Imagine a world where you never had to worry where your glasses were misplaced again.