Resources for Broken Legs

Ouch! There are few things more inconvenient than a broken leg. But thanks to modern conveniences, things aren’t as bad as they used to be. With a number of handy sites and services, you can still have a pretty normal day-to-day life until that leg heals.


Want to learn more about the science and medicine behind that broken leg? Well loo no further than good old WebMD. Here you can see exactly which bones are susceptible to breaking, understand the healing process, get an update on medical timelines, and so much more. So don’t stumble around in the dark, get educated about your medical malady!


Just because you’re temporarily mobility impaired, doesn’t mean you can’t still enjoy good meals. Thanks to the rise of easy online food ordering, any cuisine is available with the tap of a finger. One of the most prominent sites is Seamless, which has access to thousands of restaurants in every city. So whether you’re hankering for some sushi or want to chow down on a big burrito, order it up without worrying about that leg.

Cloud of Goods

Travel can be a hassle when you’re temporarily mobility impaired. But whether you’ve got a big trip already planned, or simply need to see some new sights to distract you from your ailment, sometimes you’ve just got to hit the road. Don’t worry about lugging your wheelchair with you, rent one at your destionation with Cloud of Goods. They offer wheelchair rental as well as many other items sure to make your trip much easier.