Taking Charge of Your Health

A surprisingly high number of people are suffering from skin conditions at any given time, with 1 in 3 people in the US affected with a skin condition annually. These conditions can have a many different risk factors and causes, from being genetically predisposed in such cases like neurofibroma or eczema, to having environmental factors such as hives or can even be transferred as contagious diseases like cold sores. All of these conditions do have treatment options, however, making living with them manageable, even chronic conditions can have the quality of life improved. While currently, a dermatologist does treat a majority of skin conditions, family doctors are also a viable and practical choice. Offices like Treasure Valley Family Medicine have treatments for skin conditions which are comprehensive to meet the needs of the specific condition and patient.

Family doctors have traditionally been the first point of contact when someone first notices the symptoms of a potential skin condition, a trend that is likely to grow with an overall shortage of dermatologist projected to happen in the next few years. Many family doctors’ treatments for skin conditions include the most recent therapies and their treatments are constantly monitored to ensure they have the latest and most effective treatments. These treatments include cryotherapy (liquid nitrogen), shave excisions and elliptical excisions for removal of issues like warts and skin tags. They offer treatments in punch biopsies, incision and drainage, suturing, steroid injections as well and prescribe oral and topical prescriptions medications.

Your family doctor’s treatments for skin conditions can likely assist in managing infections that lead to skin issues, such as abscesses, shingles, and ingrown nails. These conditions can lead to bigger issues when not taken of, but can be treated and often the infection is cured entirely. Allergies to everyday items can lead to a skin reaction as well, the skin breaking out in hives or rashes. Allergic reactions respond well to treatment, cutting down the time spent being uncomfortable. They can also address highly visible and common issues like acne and Rosacea. These conditions have been a cause of embarrassment for generations but the right therapies can bring back the confidence clear skin can bring.

Sometimes the symptoms of a skin condition can be a sign of a more serious condition as well, and your family doctor should be ready to support patients with these concerns. A knowledgeable medical professional can discuss treatment options for lifelong conditions such as psoriasis and seborrhea that can help manage the condition for the long term. When a proactive patient finds something worrying like a suspicious mole or dark spot on their skin with a biopsy and removal of the tissue. Benign tumors are treatable in most cases, with removal and testing for any further issues being provided. Don’t wait until a condition worsens before discussing potential treatments with your family physician’s office