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Usually, after disappointment, look for ourselves second-guessing whatever we did (or neglected to do) that triggered our unhappy outcome. I believe that failure (so long as it does not kill us or permanently wound us) wakes us as much as the value of planning. I am not referring to planning being a grocery list to jog your memory on the vegetable aisle. I mean put some serious thought into what’s important to you you. Those things worth focusing on should be your goals. When we are not able to achieve a goal, we’ve got to think about that goal again. Is that goal worthy? Is it achievable? Do we develop the means (resources), ways (different paths), along with the time to achieve it?

Suppose we decide that the vast majority of our goals are of low importance (daily needs and wants). Lets contact goals for that “Tactical Level.” We might link Tactical Level goals with a higher level. Our goals for that family’s future (our kids, our grandchildren, and beyond), our employer’s future (a corporation that you own or one that gives the method for you to feed, house, and clothe your family members), our state, our country, our everyday life (society). These goals needs to be higher than Tactical. Lets contact goals with the “Operational Level.”

Wouldn’t or not it’s great to experience a “Book of Answers” to express to us what our Tactical and Operational Goals needs to be, and many types of ways to achieve them? Maybe, however if the goals get to us, we can’t distinguish ourselves. If we hold the answers concerning how to achieve our goals, we won’t experience personal failure. With no gaining knowledge through our mistakes or misfortunes, we simply cannot enjoy the triumph of achieving our goals.

There is usually a third level, and lots of folks think it over to be the very best level: The Strategic Level. In the United States (U.S.), the Strategic Level is of us (the individuals of the U.S.). We have elected representation (a President and people in two Houses of Congress), however they are there for making laws and supply responsible execution from the wishes of the individuals of the U.S. There is often a “Book of Answers” with the Strategic Level in the United States. It is called The Constitution, the perfect, guiding document that has been collectively authored because of the research, thoughts, and opinions on the founders in the U.S. (the Continental Congress) on behalf of the folks of Colonial America, who sought self-rule. Strategic Level goals, dependant on guidance within the Constitution require cooperation because of the U.S. people, through their elected representatives, in order to get achieved.

In summary: At the Tactical Level, we form goals for ourselves and our house by understanding our purposes history, and also by staying true to family values. We elevate those goals by supporting the future of our purposes, our state, and our employer with the Operational Level. In the U.S., we connect to be a society by viewing, understanding, and supporting Strategic Level goals found within the Constitution. We monitor the experience of our elected officials, and advise them (talk to them) to help keep them dedicated to our (people’s) wishes and true to the guiding document (the Constitution). Is that it? If you are a Christian, no. There is level more than Strategic, understanding that level looks back at us (as being a mirror): This could be the “God Level,” his goals for individuals. Web search John 14:6 and Matthew 28: 17-19.

The Christian Bible could be the “Book of Answers” for people to understand God’s goals. The Bible is just not written in the way that will take our understanding to the level of God. Instead, it gives you us that has a glimpse of God’s involvement in and interface with individuals throughout the reputation mankind. Learned scholars have spent their lives wanting to unravel the mysteries inside Bible as a way to have answers, however for most people, the Bible is really a reference guide for individuals to consult when we live us. God wants us to become close to him, to understand him as God, and conduct our everyday life as he guides us (sticking with the Ten Commandments is usually a good start). The Bible is often a collection of “Books” that features guidance from God himself (that they gave to Moses, who wrote the first books inside the first section from the Bible), and various Books which were written by prophets (men who were contacted by God, who commanded them to inform us something specific). These books are organized in the section called “The Old Testament.” This compilation of human interface with God, laced with prophesy, informs us of the pinnacle, a culminating event (the arrival on the Messiah, a savior).

God provided his son, Jesus, as our teacher, like a sacrifice on our behalf, and that he became (nevertheless is) the one path for individuals to return to God by our faith, our trust in him, and our obedience to his guidance. This is how we achieve God’s goal for individuals. Jesus’ birth, ministry, sacrifice, and resurrection fulfilled Old Testament prophecy and established the other (and final) section in the Christian Bible, called “The New Testament.” We must understand stories from the Old Testament, specifically the prophecy that is certainly found there, so as to have context (a basis to know and clarity of meaning) with the answers found inside the New Testament (where we can easily read the story of Jesus’ three-year ministry). The books there were authored by Jesus’ disciples, who wrote in their first-hand experiences when they followed Jesus, and also by founders from the Christian Church, after Jesus was crucified, defeated death, and rose to supply final guidance to his surviving 11 disciples before he took his place at God’s side. The Apostle Paul became a principle founder of Christian Churches. He provided guidance which is contained in Books found from the New Testament.

The Christian Bible, the sunday paper of answers, is accessible to us online today. We can study it and seek each of our way to make our tactical, operational, and strategic goals with God’s goal for all of us to return to him. Think of they enjoy returning to your childhood home, to enjoy, safety, warmth, and welcome. Try. Don’t quit. It is usually a lifelong study. We check with Jesus (through prayer) to acquire help when we experience our life. Web search Matthew 18:20. This is usually a quotation from Jesus, and it’s his answer for all of us on what may be the Christian Church. It is 2 or more people checking out the Christian Bible, trying for being true to God’s law, to Jesus’ guidance, and to get like Apostle Paul (loyal and persevering whatever was thrown at him). Our goals should align with God’s goal for individuals: Make our way the location of him. In Matthew 18:20, Jesus promised being with us after we try to connect through him with God. Be humble, reverent, advance your understanding and persistence for find your answers regarding how to conduct your daily life. Expect God’s grace. You will experience both happy and unhappy times, and you will never ber alone within your walk the place to find God.

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